Massage therapy for shoulder pain

Our Services

At Highline Rehab PT, our doctors and physical therapists offer a range of services to our patients. Each consultation initially begins with an evaluation of your current condition. From there, our team selects the best treatment plan for you. Some conditions may include physical therapy, rehabilitation, or just some basic at-home care. Either way, we will do our very best to help you relieve any pain and discomfort that you may be suffering from.

Therapeutic Exercises and Stretching

Orthopedic Physical therapy and sports rehab

Many people suffer from injuries due to direct or indirect trauma. They may benefit from physical therapy to alleviate their pain, improve daily activity tolerance, and perform their daily activities normally. In addition, High Line Rehab PT provides one-to-one rehabilitation programs for athletes and treats a different variety of injurers which allows the athletes to return back to competitions as soon as possible.

Chronic Pain Program

Chronic joint pain is one of the most common problems in all homes. chronic pain can greatly affect the quality of life and deprive you of doing things you love. also, the mental side of chronic pain can be very exhausting and frustrating. chronic low back, neck pain, and knee pain are very common. We can help get overcome that problem once and for all!

Best Alternative Therapies for Chronic Pain
Patient receiving manual therapy

Manual Therapy and Stretching programs

Just like vehicles we too need maintenance. If you know how manual therapy and deep stretching can help individuals remain healthy and pain-free. join our manual therapy and stretching program and you will be surprised how your body mechanics will improve.

Cold LASER and pain modalities

We provide a different variety of modalities that helps pain and soft tissue extensibility heal in no time. other modalities like electrical stimulation, nerve stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and of course cold LASER which shows tremendous improved tissue healing and alleviating arthritis pain.

Patient receiving cold LASER therapy
Patient being treated for post op therapy

Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

Elective surgeries and joint replacement are some of the most common surgeries nowadays. without the proper rehabilitation before and after your surgery you might suffer from a permanent impairment if not having to go through the surgery experience over and over again. to avoid all that we strongly recommend that you speak to our therapists and doctors about your operation and explore the best way to recover.

Postural analysis and Ergonomic Consultation.

Poor posture and bad ergonomics are some of the most common causes of musculoskeletal micro-trauma that could lead to a permanent impairment such as herniated disc and degenerative joint diseases. Get your posture analysis to have a better understanding of how your body is aligned and how to fix your posture for functional, as well as, cosmological purposes. A tiny change in your daily habits, your chair height, the position of your computer, or workstation can make a huge difference in how your body acts every day.

Man suffering from back pain due to poor posture
Woman calling for home therapy

House Calls (Home Therapy)

If you are not able to come to our office. Contact us and we will come to you. Homebound beloved ones also need care. Our clinic will come to your home and help you until you come out to the community.